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Could fuel surcharges make a comeback?

Posted on 23 May 2009

Last summer, when at the pump gas prices hovered around $4 per gallon, and crude oil hit $145, fuel surcharges were a way of life with taxis, pizza deliveries, and yes, cruise lines.

As we all know, oil prices soon plunged, and the cruise lines all dropped their surcharges late last fall. 

But while those supplements may seem like a distant memory, with fuel prices creeping back up, could they be on their way back?

When Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.- parent company of Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara sailings – dropped their fuel fees for all 2009 cruises last December, both companies said that they reserved the right to reinstate the fuel supplement should the price of oil increase above $65 per barrel.

Just Wednesday, the price of oil rose to $62. Does that mean that NCL and RCCL are $3 away from reinstating those fuel fees?

Royal Caribbean said today that while it is monitoring global fuel prices, and does reserve the right to reinstate a fuel supplement, “we hope business conditions will not require such action.  We are pleased by the sustained lower prices of fuel and do not want to speculate on actions that may or may not be needed in the future.

NCL said it has not had any discussions on reinstating the fuel surcharge.

Carnival Corp. parent company of Holland America, Princess, Carnival, Cunard, Costa, and Seabourn, said when it eliminated its surcharge last December that it reserved the right to reinstate the fee when oil reached $70.

Carnival Corp. spokesman Tim Gallagher also said that so far, the company has also not had any discussions on reinstating the surcharges.

Source: Cruise Log

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