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Top-rated hotels in TripAdvisor’s Top 10 foodie destinations…

Posted on 05 October 2011


The grand main entrance of the Elysian hotel features a star-like chandelier. A living room with black velvet couches is to your left, and the front desk is to your right.

TripAdvisor has compiled its inaugural foodie-destination lists for around the world, so USA TODAY TRAVEL has compiled a photo gallery of the No. 1-ranked hotelsfor the Top 10 US destinations.


CHICAGO – This is the Elysian hotel’s private entrance, an unusual feature for an urban hotel. TripAdvisor members currently rank the Elysian as their No. 1 hotel in Chicago.

The top-ranked hotels in each place range from obvious choices for foodies such as the Elysian in Chicago, which is home to the Michelin-star-rated Ria restaurant, to no-frills choices that encourage you to venture out for fabulous meals.


So which places made it on to this year’s Travelers’ Choice Food and Wine Destinations Top 10 list?

Here you go:

  • 1. New Orleans
  • 2. Napa, Calif.
  • 3. Chicago
  • 4. Charleston, S.C.
  • 5. San Francisco
  • 6. New York City
  • 7. Savannah, Georgia
  • 8. Santa Fe, N.M.
  • 9. Las Vegas
  • 10. Asheville, N.C.

TripAdvisor’s Top 10 list for Europe:

  • 1. Florence, Italy
  • 2. Paris, France
  • 3. Rome, Italy
  • 4. Sorrento, Italy
  • 5. York, England
  • 6. Siena, Italy
  • 7. Bologna, Italy
  • 8. San Sebastian, Spain
  • 9. Barcelona, Spain
  • 10. Edinburgh, Scotland

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