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Posted on 09 July 2009

Airline customer service isn’t the only thing in need of improvement these days, says The Wall Street Journal’s “Middle Seat” columnist Scott McCartney. The air in airplane cabins needs some fixing, too, and not just because your seatmate sneezed all over you. A year ago, a blue-ribbon panel of experts across the aviation industry recommended voluntary standards for onboard air circulation, lower ozone exposure, new monitoring for contaminated air from oil or hydraulic fluid leaks, and limits on pesticides used on planes.  But aviation regulators and airlines have yet to act. More than a decade ago, the aviation industry asked the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers to form a panel to investigate air quality inside airliners-long a topic of concern for travelers and flight crews.  The committee found that air quality and current regulatory standards are basically adequate, but called for improvements. The FAA said it is awaiting the results of other research before taking action on air quality, but nothing is imminent.

Source: WSJ

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