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Posted on 24 March 2010

British Airways is expanding its flight scheduled for the second three-day strike planned by Unite this weekend. BA said it is expanding its flight schedule for the strike period, March 27 to 30, because of the increased number of cabin crew willing to work as normal. More than 3,000 cabin crew who were rostered to work last weekend and Monday reported for work as normal. As a result of this support from cabin crew, the airline said it will run a full operation using its own aircraft at London Gatwick for the second strike period and all flights to and from London City will remain unaffected.


At Heathrow, the airline will extend its schedule to include up to 55% of short-haul flights and 70% of long-haul flights. The airline will continue to supplement its short-haul schedule by leasing up to 11 aircraft with pilots and crew each day from six different airlines based in the U.K. and Europe. Customers who are booked on flights that have now been canceled will be offered seats on alternative BA flights or on services operated by other airlines or offered a full refund.

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