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Passport policy at U.S. borders has negative impact…

Posted on 09 September 2009

The number of people crossing the northern and southern boarders into the U.S. has dropped sharply since a passport requirement began June 1, USA Today reports. Businesses in tourism-dependent border communities blame the policy for making a bad year worse. The passport change is part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, an effort to make borders more secure after 9/11. The rules affect U.S. citizens entering by land or sea, who once could get across by simply declaring themselves citizens.


The change also affects citizens of Canada and Bermuda, who previously did not have to show passports. The passport rule went into effect at airports in 2007. The rules for Mexicans have not changed; they have long needed special border crossing cards or passports plus visas. U.S. Customs and Border Protection says the change has made border crossings safer and more efficient and isn’t to blame for the declining numbers.

Source: USA Today

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