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New advice for airport security…

Posted on 23 May 2009

In case you thought you finally had the airport security drill down pat, the Transportation Security Administration is now advising passengers to place their shoes directly on the X-ray machine belt, not in a bin. The change allows screeners to get a clearer look at suspect footwear, a spokeswoman says.

Air travelers also are being urged to book tickets under their full name as it appears on the government-issued identification they’ll be using when they travel. On Thursday, the TSA launched an awareness campaign for its Secure Flight program, in which it will gradually take over from the airlines the task of checking passenger names against government watch lists. The program will be phased in airline by airline, with all carriers participating by early 2010 on domestic flights and by the end of that year on international flights. Later this year, airlines will begin asking customers for their birth date and gender when they reserve.

TSA spokeswoman Sterling Payne characterizes the changes as having more effect behind the scenes than at airport checkpoints. “What we care about at the checkpoint is what we’ve always cared about: that you are who you say you are,” she says. “And that means having a valid government ID.”

Source: USA Today

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