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Posted on 05 August 2010

¬†Nearly 75% of North American companies have revised their travel policies in the last two years to cut costs, and two-thirds of those now are discouraging-and in some cases, forbidding-employees from flying in first- or business-class seats. Those results of a new survey of corporate travel managers out today show companies increasingly are pushing workers to buy non-refundable fares or at least get what’s called the “lowest logical fare.” Typically, that’s the lowest-priced fare that doesn’t cause travelers to take wildly circuitous routes, cause them to miss important engagements, incur an extra night in a hotel or lose productivity.


Still, North American companies which spent an estimated $48.8 billion on airline tickets in 2009, could save almost $30 billion combined annually if they instituted and enforced stricter travel policies that required non-refundable tickets or the lowest logical fare.

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