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Best Apps and Websites for Travelers…

Posted on 02 November 2011


Seasoned road warriors have their insider secrets, from that quiet place to get a beer or massage during a layover, to where to get a spray tan in London. But, when plans change quickly, you don’t have time to read FlyerTalk or call your brother-in-law: Your flight was late, and you have only 15 minutes to make your connection. What to do? These tools come to the rescue for business travelers.


GateGuru (iPhone app, free) allows you to search your airport for the amenities you need, on the go. It also allows you to bookmark favorite spots, view user ratings and reviews, and share your travels via Facebook and Twitter. (or for your phone) gives you detailed airplane maps coupled with info about which seats don’t recline and which have little legroom or misaligned windows. is powered by Lufthansa but you can use it for flights on other airlines, too. The site allows you to set up auto-Tweeting to your business associates, friends and family. (Your followers can track your progress across the sky, even if you don’t have in-flight Wi-Fi.)


FlightCaster (iPhone app, free) claims 95 percent accuracy for predicting flight delays. So next time you think you may need to rebook in a hurry, remember to check the forecast.

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